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Research Administration & Proposal Submission System (RAPSS)

This is an electronic gateway for the submission, review, approval and tracking of funding proposals and related budgets for research at this institution. The Grants and Contract Management office maintains all information regarding grant and contract applications, budgets and on-going annual adjustments to research funding using this system.

RAPSS Submission Update

RAPSS Phase II is now live as of August 8, 2016

The Office of Research and Economic Development has completed Phase II of the Research Administration and Proposal Submission System (RAPSS) . RAPSS now becomes mandatory for all new submissions of research proposals, corporate contracts, and associated items. Paper submissions will no longer be possible for new activity.

Please reference the RAPSS Activity Matrix at the link below for guidance:


More information about the upgrade may be found at the link below:


Grant.gov Unsupported Forms in RAPSS

A list of Grants.gov forms that are currently not supported in RAPSS SF424 Applications, but are being used in active Grants.gov opportunities may be found here . Should the opportunity for which you are applying involve the use of one or more of these forms, please review the submission guidelines for that particular opportunity. Should you have require any additional clarification or have any additional questions, please contact your Grants Specialist.

NOTE: RAPSS is experiencing an issue with those funding opportunities utilizing the “Protection of Human Subjects v1.1” form. For those opportunities, please use RAPSS for endorsement process. However, the application will need to be prepared and submitted using the application package downloaded from Grants.gov<http://grants.gov/> Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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